COLORGLAM is a new independent editorial mashup for luxury shopping and lifestyle. It is all about colors and joy of life. While addressing both female and male life surfers always looking for a new wave to ride, it is known for representing life celebrating style and for showcasing the freshest products and trends.

Colorglam was founded from the simple insight that regularly going through many online shops and stores may be very time consuming. Finding beautiful style and mood boosters is more difficult than it should be. Shoppers have to go back and forth between shops, pages and search engines to find products which add glamour to the wardrobe and make it shine in a new light. In addition, random clicks in search engines may end in purchases from unreliable retailers and cause a negative online shopping experience.

Colorglam is here to make the dream of a unique style accessible with only a few clicks. It instantly connects shoppers, online stores and brands – making life of everyone easier. We help people to discover products which inspire. We connect with trusted and reputable online stores only. We help online shops to drive sales. We help brands to become more recognizable. We believe we can make shopping experience truly fascinating through outstanding user experience at colorglam.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out this creative space!